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Pursuing His Presence 2017

Book NowAre you hungry to pursue the presence of God and to grow in your gifting & the prophetic? Join us in Derby for a day of equipping and encounter, with teams experienced in hosting the presence of God and enabling others to encounter His presence for themselves. Our passion is to help people and church communities discover how we can all play a unique part in bringing the Kingdom message to the world around us. The teams include a number of people who are gifted in the area of prophetic ministry, whose conviction is that God wants to speak to all of us.

The sessions will be helpful for anybody who is hungry to deepen their relationship with God and discover how He communicates His heart and purposes to us in so many different ways.

Come and learn, hear stories of God moving in people’s lives and in their work places. Come and experience the presence of the Spirit, come and be filled or re-filled with the Spirit. Come and receive fresh impartation to go and bring heaven to earth in the places God has already given you influence - at home, at work, at school, at the gym or with other parents at the school gate!

This promises to be an excellent day for all those hungry to pursue the presence of God and grow in the prophetic. The day will be hosted by Graham Pyman and the team from Jubilee Church Derby.

Main Speakers
Andy RobinsonJo McCulloch Graham Pyman
Andy Robinson, Jo McCulloch & Graham Pyman

Seminar Speakers

Trevor & Janet Jos Wintermeyer John & Val Blundell Dave Price
Trevor & Janet Johnson, Jos Wintermeyer, John & Val Blundell & Dave Price

Seminar Subjects
1) Pursuing His Presence — carrying His presence into all of life - with Jo McCulloch
2) Prophecy In The Marketplace — The prophetic outside of meetings — with Dave Price & others
3) Leading Together — how worship teams & meeting leaders can work together to host the presence of God — with Jos Wintermeyer
4) Children & Youth Workers Seminar — Helping Children & Young People grow in their experience of God and the prophetic — with Trevor & Janet Johnson
5) Prophetic Art Workshop — A practical workshop exploring this area of prophetic ministry (this is for any and all abilities) — with John & Val Blundell

For full details and to book in visit: pursuinghispresence.org