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"Do you know what you're doing in September?"

This can be a daunting question for anyone but making decisions about your next step can give you opportunities for advenutre. For decades the Newfrontiers family have run a gap year program for anyone over 18 who wants to turn their life upside down! 

We've recently revamped & relaunched IMPACT to better serve our family of churches. 

IMPACT is a one year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. It is also great fun!

IMPACT for many in the past has been the impetus to try out a new career path, start a community project or make the move to another nation. 

What others say:
"IMPACT has been the most important year of my life. My relationship with God will never be the same."

During the year there will be two weeks of mission in the UK and students may also be able to get involved with an international mission trip (click here for details). 

Applications are now open for September 2018 - if you haven't made a plan for next year or you want to find out more visit:

Applications close on the 28th July 2018!