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ChristCentral Tour Offering

Once again, the ChristCentral Tour gives us the opportunity to take up offerings in various locations to extend the work of ChristCentral. Whether you are coming to one of our tour events or not, you can still give! 

The offering taken at the ChristCentral 2017 UK Tour and associated church based offerings will go towards what we are doing together as ChristCentral. This includes things such as church planting in the UK and Europe, supporting apostolic ministry in the UK, Africa and Mexico, working with our international partners and serving the poor, through initiatives such as Jubilee Plus*.

Thank you so much for standing with us as in this great mission that God has called us to together! To find out more about giving to ChristCentral please click here.

Here’s a quick video sharing the vision:

*As in previous years these offerings will be classed as general unrestricted giving. The board of Directors of Christ Central Churches Worldwide Ltd will be free to apportion the offering towards priorities set by the board and the ChristCentral European Apostolic Core Team.