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95 Ways To Change The World

95 Ways to Change the World in 2017

To mark the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses, the Jubilee Centre has launched a campaign to crowdsource a set of new theses for today – or ’95 ways to change the world’. Christians who want to see the gospel transforming society and culture are invited to propose strategies that will lead to ‘true human flourishing’.

Each new thesis must be 100 words or less, with three constituent parts: an affirmation (an ideal that is right and true), an analysis (of how that good thing is being violated) and an action (a realistic call to engagement).  This structure follows the Creation – Fall – Redemption framework of a biblical worldview, and encourages contributors to reflect theologically on both the causes and responses to the issue they care about.

Visitors to the website can also join the conversation by commenting on the proposed new theses, and voting for the ones they admire most.  Issues so far include civility online, the use of sexualised images in advertising, racial reconciliation, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the consumerisation of death and dying.  Contributors range from students to the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  

The idea is not primarily to come up with a definitive set of 95 new theses,” explains Jonathan Tame, director of the Jubilee Centre.  “Instead, our aim is to encourage people – especially the next generation of Christian leaders – to develop a biblical perspective on challenges in society, and come up with ideas for change that lead to personal and social transformation.

A £500 prize will be given to the best new thesis, and contributors with the most promising ideas will be offered training by the Jubilee Centre in how to develop their vision into a practical initiative.  

The campaign starts on March 15th and lasts 6 months. Afterwards theses will be selected, winners chosen and a set of new theses for today will be published for Reformation Day on October 31st.

The overall Reformation2017 initiative is supported by KLICE, Christian Heritage and Great St Mary’s in Cambridge.  It is not wanting to revisit the issues which have divided Protestant and Catholic churches, but rather to capture the creative legacy of the Reformation and inspire a new generation of Christian social reformers today.

Press Release by The Jubilee Centre - Published: 15th March 2017