Who we are.

ChristCentral is an apostolic team led by Jeremy Simpkins and is part of the wider family of Newfrontiers. Around the world there are a number of Newfrontiers apostolic teams that serve over 1,500 churches. ChristCentral is one of these, and we are currently working with over 275 churches in more than 25 nations!


The ChristCentral team acknowledges that safeguarding the vulnerable is of paramount importance and reflects the nature of Jesus Christ. We all have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults; even if we don’t have a specific safeguarding role.

Safeguarding in the churches we serve is the responsibility of local church leadership teams. Each church will have their own policy and safeguarding co-ordinators.

However the ChristCentral team and our directors take safeguarding very seriously, particularly where we are responsible (for example at events such as Devoted).

If you are part of a ChristCentral church and have a safeguarding concern or where abuse is disclosed, witnessed or suspected, this should be disclosed to those responsible for safeguarding in your local church.

If you have concerns about a child, young person or vulnerable adult, please make contact with your local social services team or in an emergency (where a child is in immediate risk), contact the police.

A copy of our safeguarding policy can be found here.

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