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Let me invite you to join us on the ChristCentral School of Leadership for 2024-2025 starting this September. The course is based in Sheffield and participation is available both in-person and remotely online. We also work with training bases in other nations. See our international page to find out where.


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About School of Leadership

Martin Charlesworth

This is a two year course for anyone who is called to some form of leadership in the church or in the wider world. The School of Leadership gives you a solid grounding in biblical theology, a deeper understanding of church history, time to consider leadership issues and an opportunity to grow in your personal calling. We combine quality teaching, interactive forums and shared learning in a relaxed environment.

Students can participate either in-person in Sheffield (where we comply with social distancing guidelines) or online using Zoom. We have used this ‘hybrid’ method during for the last few years with great success. Having an online option has made the course accessible to students for whom coming to Sheffield has previously not been possible, and we intend to keep this option available long-term.

I would be delighted to welcome you on to the School of Leadership in September. Please complete the application form (link below) to register your interest. To find out more download our brochure or contact:

Martin Charlesworth
Training Director (ChristCentral Churches)

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Speakers Include

Graham Anns Graham
Ginny Burgin Ginny
Roger Bye Roger
Martin Charlesworth Martin
Helen Coleman Helen
Rob Coleman Rob
Keith Cooper Keith
Sam Evans Sam
Chris Frost Chris
Neil Hudson Neil
Steve Hurd Steve
Dan Maton Dan
Andy McCulloch Andy
Joseph Mwila Joseph
Lillian Mwila Lillian
Adam Price Adam
Ann Simpkins Ann
Jeremy Simpkins Jeremy
Natalie Williams Natalie

Teaching themes

The Authority of the Bible

What it is & why it matters


Learning to interpret the Bible

Church History

Getting the past into perspective

Bible Landscape

The story & theology of the Bible

The Church & The Poor

The central place of social justice

Pastoral Care

Seeing the bigger picture

Culture & Contextualisation

Being the church in different societies

Keys to Church Growth

Unlocking the potential of your church

Church Planting

The need, the call & the practicalities


Answers to tough questions about faith


Learning the art of effective preaching

21st Century Church

Key contemporary issues facing the church

The Church & The Workplace

Discipleship & mission at work


A biblical framework for navigating the moral maze

The Devotional Life of a Leader

The central place of walking with God

Evangelism in the Local Church

Keys to effective outreach

Life & Mission in the Power of the Spirit

Keys to the Spirit-filled life

Spiritual Warfare

What is it? And how do we fight effectively?

Leadership Foundations

Principles from the Pastoral letters

Leadership Principles & Practice

Leading, releasing and governing the church

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JennySchool of Leadership really works online providing an effective hybrid version where you feel just as included if you are participating over Zoom as if you were there in the building I love the social aspect of going to Sheffield, meeting the speakers and getting away - but if I stay home there are advantages around childcare whilst still receiving the same, high-quality teaching and engagement with my peers.

Jenny, York

LorraineI have absolutely loved my 2 years at SoL and would recommend to anyone, there is so much to gain, it's been a privilege to learn, ask questions, make friends but ultimately to grow my relationship with God, the Bible and as a leader.

Lorraine, Stockport

LouThe course has been truly life changing, I am now studying the scripture in a new depth which is transforming my life and my passion for mission has intensified!

Lou, Shrewsbury

RickI was surprised how well designed the Online format works; the schedule of teaching and group discussions is perfectly balanced to help me engage with other students while still giving space to assimilate the fantastic material being taught.

Rick, The Wirral

JoelleI wasn't sure how SOL would work over Zoom and I was nervous about the first day; however I was met with a warm welcome over the computer screen. The sessions have been great with relevant, challenging and engaging Bible teaching, new friends made and most importantly, a deeper understanding of who God is, the importance of His story and plan throughout the Bible and how the church has formed and grown.

Joelle, Cockermouth

Jamie Some things are taught and others caught. School of leadership is an ideal forum for both…..a powerful mix of Spirit and Word.  If you are considering any form of church leadership I can think of no better way of nurturing and growing in your gifting and in your passion to see 'His Kingdom Come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’   I am not ashamed to say that for me it has become an absolute oasis of joy and fulfilment in each month. Don’t hesitate.  Sign up today!

Jamie, Whitchurch

Sijo School leadership is a must course for every one aspiring to know what it is to lead and serve in this 21st century. I'm fortunate to be part of this well structured course that's well taught by some amazing contemporary Christian leaders.

Sijo, Sheffield
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