Be Part Of The Story.

We’d love to hear your story about what God has done in your life, whether it’s a testimony about Devoted or about how God is using you in the places where you have influence!

Some of you may have read Nicky Gumble’s ‘The Bible In One Year’, if that’s the case you’ll know it gives the big panorama of God’s story, the big history. As Nicky likes to say:

history is His story .

We also have a part to play in this story, we also have a story – and it’s a great story!

We’ve got a great story in Newfrontiers and over the last 7 years we’ve got a new story, the ChristCentral story. Isn’t it amazing that God calls each of us to play our part in this great story? Whether you are a child, young person, student, professional, parent, carer, grand-parent, whoever you are and whatever you do, we’ve all got a part to play!

So what's your story?

We believe God has given us a story to tell, of His love, His purpose, His plan and we'd love to hear your story! By submitting your story to us, you are giving us permission to use it online on the Devoted / ChristCentral websites and/or on our social media feeds.

If you have photos you’d like to share with us, please do send them in, if they include other people, please ensure you have their permission to submit for this purpose. We may also contact you about sharing your story at Devoted itself.

ChristCentral will treat your story with respect but reserves editing rights on stories submitted and may only use sections of them, depending on the needs of the articles being posted or the contents of the stories submitted.
ChristCentral is absolutely committed to protecting your privacy, and our legal duties under the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. For full details click here

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