Ukraine News.

Keeping you up to date with news from Ukraine and surrounding nations, as we work to support displaced people and refugees.

There are a lot of updates regarding the situation in Ukraine as we (Newfrontiers & ChristCentral), continue to support refugees and displaced people. We are now collating news relating to Ukraine on our news feed, the latest of which is listed below, but you can also read all the updates here.

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Ukraine Offering.

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Download a copy of this video to include in your service or on social media.

All of us feel the pain of what Ukraine is facing at this very difficult time. As a team, we want to take an offering to support relief work with the Ukrainian people. We have both ChristCentral and other Newfrontiers churches in Ukraine, so we feel very strongly that we should be supporting our family, our dear friends as much as we can.

The offering will go to 3 things:

  • Immediate relief to people and churches impacted by what is happening in Ukraine
  • Help and care for refugees and those displaced and in need (both in Ukraine and elsewhere)
  • Support for individuals, churches and other charities involved in this work

If you are taking an offering as a ChristCentral church, please pass this on to us in the normal manner. Please reference your gift “Ukraine”.

You can also give by credit or debit card by clicking here. This will take you directly to the Ukraine Fund giving page. If you are a UK tax payer, you can also use the Gift Aid scheme whereby we can reclaim the tax paid on your gift.

Our wider Newfrontiers family are also taking an offering and we are working very closely with them in the support we can provide.

Please also remember to continue to pray for Ukraine; for the war to stop and particularly for our dear friends to know God’s grace and strength at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you.

Download the video

We have made this video available to download to show in your church. To download now click here.

How can you give?

Online Giving - To give online click here or click the button below. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Host a Refugee.

We are currently connecting Ukrainian refugees from churches we are linked with to individuals and families within ChristCentral churches in the UK.

If you have registered for the UK 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme (or plan to) and would be interested in being specifically connected with someone coming to the UK who is part of our wider Newfrontiers family, please fill in your details using the link below. Once you've completed the online form, we will make contact with you as soon as we can to discuss with you some more details. Click here to register your interest.

Resettlement Support.

Resettling as a refugee can be an incredibly stressful process and Newfrontiers are collating resources to help refugees and their hosts.

If you are a guest or a host in the UK and would like to access the resettlement support portal please click here. To access these resources you should have received a password. Please contact the support team for further information.

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