COVID-19 Appeal.

Most of us are familiar with the daily scenes from all around the world of different countries dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. In the West, we are fortunate to live in nations which have highly developed healthcare systems and Governments who are able, in many cases, to offer financial support to those in hardship. This is not the case in most developing countries.

In many African countries, and other developing nations, the majority of the population live a subsistence lifestyle, where people need to earn money each day to feed their family that day. Having a lockdown in this environment makes life very difficult. Recent articles in the UK’s Daily Telegraph and on the BBC website have highlighted this.

We have spoken to our leaders in some of these countries and discussed the situations they are facing. We would like to stand with our brothers and sisters in ChristCentral churches in some of these countries which are being hit the hardest. To do so, we are launching the ChristCentral Covid-19 Crisis Appeal. Please could you give at this time?

Read on to find out more about how this pandemic is affecting churches we are working with in nations which are predominantly in the 'majority world'.

Our Vision.

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How can we pray? We've put together some prayer points based on the items shared in each video. You can find a summary here.

Response updates.

The impacts of this pandemic will be felt in different ways in different nations. To find out more about how some of our churches in nations across Africa are responding please watch the following videos.

After each update we've included some prayer points which, will also help guide your prayers for these churches as well.

Update - Michael Akotia
City of Grace Church, Ho, Ghana

Ghana Newsletter

Download Michael's April 2020 newsletter.

Ghana Prayer Points - Michael Akotia

  1. Wisdom for Leadership – knowing how to serve the community at this time
  2. Support for those who have lost their source of income
  3. The 37 Families currently supported with food parcels by ChristCentral Ghana

Update - Wycliffe Wabuko
Gospel Springs Churches, Mumias, Kenya

Kenya Prayer Points - Wycliffe Wabuko

  1. That God will keep and preserve the Church
  2. Provision for people to be able to eat – Maize, Beans, Fish, Sugar
  3. Safety for people in the context of increased insecurity

Update - Kevin Tonny Onyango
Real Life in Christ Miracle Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Prayer Points - Kevin Tonny Onyango

  1. Those who have no food
  2. Those who have lost their jobs
  3. Support for the families for those who have died

Update - Israel Lwitiko
Conquerors Church Mission, Mbeya, Tanzania

Tanzania Prayer Points - Israel Lwitiko

  1. The vulnerable elderly in the church - support for them
  2. For the church in Tanzania
  3. Supporting one another at this challenging time

Update - Joseph & Lillian Mwila
Dayspring Church, Kitwe, Zambia

Zambia Prayer Points - Joseph & Lillian Mwila

  1. Children - COVID Children's packs to support families
  2. Church Life - Income for Leaders and those who have lost their jobs
  3. Church Family - that it will remain connected

Prayer Points

We have put together a printable PDF of prayer points so that you can pop them on your fridge or prayer wall. You can download them here.

How can you give?

Via your bank

This is the most cost effective way to give, although individuals may find it easier to use our "Online Giving" facility below.

Individuals can give to the general ChristCentral Account, referencing the gift "COVID-19 Appeal". Please let us know via email that you have processed a transfer. Please also confirm whether you are able to give by Gift Aid (see below).

Churches can give to the general ChristCentral Account, referencing the gift "COVID-19 Appeal". Please let us know via email that you have processed a transfer.

If you would like to give to ChristCentral either as a one off or regular gift via your bank, but don't have our bank details please contact:

Using the correct reference on your gift allows us to allocate money to the relevant budget more quickly. Thank you!


If you would like give by cheque please make your cheque payable to: Christ Central Churches Worldwide and send it to: ChristCentral, PO Box 7736, Derby, DE1 0RY. Please write on the back of your cheque - "COVID-19 Appeal". Please note that this option will take longer for us to receive due to postage and other delays at this time.

Online Giving

We have set up an online giving facility with Stewardship. If you wish to give online rather than directly via your bank you can do this by clicking the button below. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Gift Aid

You may wish to consider using Gift Aid if you are a UK Tax payer. Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift. If you have not completed a Gift Aid form you can download one below.

Gift Aid Form

Debt Advice

If you are a regular attendee of a ChristCentral or Newfrontiers church and are having financial difficulties, please do the following:

  • Firstly, speak to your small group leader, an elder/senior leader or someone else you trust - don't struggle in silence.
  • Secondly, the following organisations (in the UK) offer financial advice and help with managing debt and it may be beneficial for you to make contact with one of them:

    Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
    Community Money Advice
    Citizens Advice Bureaux

    Warning on Credit Card Giving

    We would warn against the irresponsible use of credit cards in any situation, and giving is no exception. It is unwise to go into debt for any reason but especially where giving towards the work of ChristCentral or Newfrontiers.

ChristCentral Finance Team

For any further information please don't hesitate to contact the finance team at

ChristCentral Legal Information
ChristCentral Churches is a registered charity (1151447) and a limited company in England (Christ Central Churches Worldwide Ltd. Reg No: 08302020). Our registered office is: Suite 2.6 Southgate BIC, Normanton Road, Derby, DE23 6UQ.

[*] Offerings received with the reference "COVID-19", will be placed into a restricted fund and used to support work which churches are doing to provide relief to those who are struggling due to the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. The board of Directors of Christ Central Churches Worldwide Ltd will be free to apportion any giving towards this fund using the priorities set by the board and the ChristCentral Team. [back to ChristCentral Giving section]

Prayer Points

We have put together a printable PDF of prayer points so that you can pop them on your fridge or prayer wall. You can download them here.

Online Giving

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If you would like to give online, rather than via your bank, please click the button below. Thank you for your generosity!

Other Giving Methods

If you would like to give by cash, cheque or standing order please click here for more details.

Debt Advice

If you are struggling with personal debt and are looking for advice click here.

We can make a huge difference to communities across the nations, impacting families, churches & communities we have connection with through our family of churches. Remember we can do far more together than we
can on our own.

Jeremy Simpkins, COVID-19 Appeal
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